There! I said what most of us are thinking. The word around this town is that no one is going to need office space in the future. We will all just be working from home or wherever we can find an Internet connection. I do not think this true and here is why:

1. Many jobs require a collaborative work environment. One in which people can see and read each other’s expressions. One in which you randomly bounce ideas off each other. Tony Hsieh, the late great founder of Zappos, believed in the value of fostered in person ad hoc “collisions” amongst people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to create a culture of innovation. This is very difficult, if not impossible, to emulate in a virtual world.

2. Not everyone’s home environment is conducive to getting stuff done. I have the attention span of a nat. Even with a dedicated home office, older Children, and a large home I am constantly distracted by the comings and goings of my dog, family members, and various people throughout the cul-de-sac. I cannot shove enough focus music in my ears to drown out the background noise and I do not have the self-discipline to avoid the temptations of doing other things around the house. When I pull up to my office, I am in uniform and ready to work. Not there to lounge about.

3. Companies will realize that for each dollar they save on their office lease, they will lose $1.50 in efficiency. As I gaze out of my home office window, I see several high paid corporate people working on their homes. Perhaps they all took the day off to do this work? I do not know and most likely neither do their employers. Just click-off the video and take the call on your headphones. The reality is that most people need accountability. It is the same reason you and I go to the gym. You need to see other people working hard and they need to see you.

No doubt that the awareness of virtual meeting technologies such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom have helped and inspired more people to work remotely, but these are not one-size-fits-all solutions. More people will work remotely, but not everyone. For me, I will go the office when I can and do a virtual meeting when I must.