Focus. Direction. Accountability.

I’ve worked with Tom in a mentorship capacity close to 5 years now. He helped me gain focus on where I wanted to take the business so that I had clear direction and then has held me accountable to make it happen. He has become a good friend who is responsive and supportive when I need to redirect or reflect on business issues. Without Tom’s guidance, there is no doubt in my mind, our business would not have scaled to the success we have seen today.

– Jeni Bukolt, President of Haven Creative

Tom asks the right questions and gets directly to the matter

It was amazing having Him at our first Leadership Team meeting. He got us thinking in a completely different way.

– Kevin Monaghan, Founder/Director, Intuitive Compensation Group

Tom helped us double the size of our business in less than two years and open a second related business

Tom is much more than a Business Coach. He helped us solve a variety of Marketing, HR, Accounting, Process, and IT issues.

– Jennifer Cox, President of The Groomery and South Charlotte Dog Grooming School