Welcome to CoachTOM.com where we offer free tools and resources as well as information about our upcoming workshops. In addition to our online resources and workshops, we provide virtual and in-person business coaching and advisory services. CoachTOM was founded by Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and Advisor Tom Bojarski. His biography appears below.

Tom Bojarski (Bow-Jar-Ski):

I had an English Teacher, from England of all places, in High School that was determined to fail me. Writing was not my strong suit and I had to spend lunch with “Mr. Macbeth” everyday trying to get better at something I loathed. I could tell that He hated His job almost as much I hated having lunch with Him each day and so I asked Him what He hated most about His job. With no hesitation, He waived a pile of papers in my face and said, “I hate grading class papers!” This became my defining moment as a problem solver, an Entrepreneur, a Coach, and an Advisor. I learned how to ask the one question that I keep asking today… “Why?” Mr. Macbeth told me that our class’s penmanship was awful, and it took Him forever to grade a single assignment. Fortunate to have access to personal computers well before the rest of the World, I began submitting my writing assignments printed on creamy white paper using a large, double-spaced font. Magically my grade in English went from a D to a B with no significant improvement in my writing skills. It was the end of my lunches with Mr. Macbeth and the beginning of my understanding of pain, tools, and leverage.

I graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 1991 with an Electrical Engineering degree. I was a design Engineer for a large Chemical Company for about six months when my boss at the time pulled me aside and said, “I don’t think this path is for you.” I completely agreed with Him and was re-assigned to the Information Technology Department where I was able to leverage the computer skills I developed in High School and College. I continue to use everything and nothing I learned earning that degree. Engineering school taught me how to learn something quickly and how to use a methodical approach to solving any problem.

One of my first assignments in the IT department at the chemical company was to show an old IBM mainframe guy His first PC. Removing the pipe from His lips, I remember Him saying “Boy that looks like a dumb-terminal with cartoons!” Thirty-years later, I am writing this biography on a dumb-terminal with cartoons. You will get the irony of this statement if you are an IT person. In the five years I spent at this company, I learned more about implementing enterprise systems, the challenges of doing business globally, and working with people at all levels with different types of skill sets then I could have anywhere else. I had great mentors and continue to pay homage to them by sharing their wisdom to whomever will listen. As my Boss said in December of 1996, I left a very well-paying job with the promise of being the next CIO to start my own business. It must have seemed crazy to everyone around me at the time, but I knew if I was going to pursue my dream of Entrepreneurship this was the time.

This was not my first Entrepreneurial endeavor, but the first Entrepreneurial endeavor where I had to pay the mortgage and feed my family. I founded EchoStone in 1996 as a full services consulting firm specializing in helping large enterprises automate their paper intensive processes. You know… Go paperless. We literally grew like a weed as we caught the tail-end of the tech boom and wisely hitched our wagon to SAP implementation and Y2K budgets. With little focus and a lot of cash, the business morphed into providing a variety of software products and services over the next five years. Most notably, we built and brought to market a CRM (customer relationship management) product called Flagship and a suite of Environmental Health and Safety products for the Chemical Industry. About the time we ran out of cash in 2001, I figured out that I should probably learn something about accounting and refocus the business. We discontinued the sales and development of our software products (a huge mistake in hindsight that I could have avoided by listening to my soft-spoken CFO) and became a value-added reseller of document imaging and management technologies. During the next sixteen years in business, we implemented some of the coolest document imaging and data extraction solutions for the banking, finance, higher education, and healthcare industries. I sold the company in 2017 to Instream based in Nashville TN.

In 2011 I started RentScan to provide short-term rentals of high-speed scanners and scanning software on a nationwide basis. RentScan was the perfect combination of strategy, market timing, and execution. The beauty of this business was that the phone would ring, an ordinary person could describe our product and service offerings, we would take their first payment over the phone, and we could control the entire customer experience. The downside to the business is that it was cyclical, capital intensive, and I could never see that coveted “hockey stick” financial ending to our story. I sold RentScan to Fujitsu Computers Products of America in 2014.

Like the main female character in the book E-myth, I was the proverbial bread maker turned business owner. I learned how to become an Entrepreneur through reading, extending my network, and continuing my education. Being a member of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) was perhaps one of the most influential experiences of my Entrepreneurial career. During my 21-year tenure in EO, I traveled the World, held every local and regional Board Position available including Chapter President, attended the MIT Birthing of Giants Program, and moderated countless Forum meetings. EO taught me how to be a leader and how to scale a business.

Throughout my Entrepreneurial career, I have always believed in having a simple framework by which you plan and execute within a business. I have been heavily influenced by books like Scaling Up by Verne Harnish and Traction by Gino Wickman. I also learned the importance of tying your business goals to your personal strengths and objectives by attending six years of Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach Program. After the sale of my last company, many of my friends and peers began asking me for help in implementing the tools and frameworks I developed and used in scaling my own businesses. I began to see the power of these tools when I helped a fledgling retail multi-media business go from near bankruptcy to selling for an 8x multiple in two years. Since then, I have helped dozens of Business Owners and their teams find clarity, efficiencies, and leverage within their own organizations.

My curiosity drives me around the clock to ask a lot of questions, learn new things, solve problems, and help those around me. I understand the difference between being a Coach and Advisor and can perform either role effortlessly. I enjoy taking the complex and making it simple and sharing my knowledge in an authentic and engaging way and look forward to doing that for as many businesses as possible.