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There is no reason you can’t build a better business.

It’s late Friday afternoon and you are staring at a white board wondering how am I going to take this thing to the next level. You’ve invested your heart, soul, and savings into this business and it doesn’t seem like you are making any progress. Just as you settle-in to finally work on your business, your phone rings and it’s another customer or employee issue. You wonder to yourself, why does every call and every problem still come directly to me? The bank calls and they want to re-collateralize your debt. You ask yourself, How could I have this much sales and I still have debt and have taken very little bonuses and distributions out of the company. Eventually you get tired, your focus wanes, and you start chasing the next shiny object.

It doesn’t have to be this way. My team and I are here to provide you with guidance, accountability, and tools to help you build a better business.

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Working with me is easy.
Get to know the CoachTOM Methodology™

Step #1

Owner Consult

On our initial call, we’ll discuss some of your current issues and pain points and I’ll explain our implementation process.

Step #2

Team Survey

The people that know your business the best will take a brief 25 question survey that will help us determine the areas for improvement within the business.

Step #3

Team Kick-Off

It’s important to be aligned from the start. Based on the Owner Consult and the 25 question survey, we’ll begin working on identity, vision, and execution.

Step #4

Find Our Stride

I will meet with you and your team on regular basis bringing you tools, clarity, and accountability that will help you grow your business in a very intentional way.

Step #3

Team Kick-Off

We’re going to need some help. We will facilitate a kick-off meeting for your leadership team and staff.

Step #4

Stay With It

The only way to meet your goals is through consistency. We will begin a quarterly and annual meeting “ritual.”

Free ConsultationGet Weekly Insights

I believe business owners should be exhilarated by their business, not overwhelmed by it.

Get a Plan

I believe that you can only control the next 10 years and the next 90 days. Gone are the days of the 100+ page business plan that gets placed in a drawer the day after it is drafted and read years later when everyone is looking for a good laugh. Together we'll draft a 2-page business plan that defines who you are, where you want to go, and what you are going to do over the next 90-days to start getting you there. This plan becomes a living document for all to reference on a weekly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Grow Your Business

You need the right people in the right seats measuring the right data and all rowing the same direction. We'll figure out what make you the "Unique Flower" in your industry and how to communicate that within the sales process.

Take a Day Off

Now that your phone isn't blowing up, it time to get some much needed and deserved rest and relaxation. Once you get back from your African Safari, lets continue building a valuable business that can operate independently of you. We'll need to define your role in the business going forward, refine your processes, and possibly add some capital and capabilities. This is truly the fun part of being a business owner and once you have a plan and your business is growing, we can get you there!

Free ConsultationGet Weekly Insights

Tools for Building A Better Business

Want simple and proven tools to build a better business? Look no further. We proudly share the same tools we have developed and use in our coaching and advisory sessions to you at NO cost.

Coming Soon.